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Exhortation and Counsel to Earthly Traders

{Since the Heavenly Trade Is the Best Trade…

Exhortation and Counsel to Earthly Traders}

This exhortation is to earthly traders who have disruptions and discouragements in the pursuit of their earthly trades.1188 This is clearly the case of England today.1189 The Lord blows away people’s investments and businesses, causes disruptions in people’s livelihood, and sends economic hardship as an armed robber. Commerce fails, people’s labors are blasted, and the nation becomes poorer every day. This should cause lamentation, but few people give it proper spiritual consideration in their hearts. People murmur and complain, and some are dejected and their spirits sink. Others, watching God pluck their idols away, hang on to them more tightly and become stingier and more covetous. Others sink deeper into the world and turn more earthly and excessive in their worrying and labors. Others become more controlling of people and oppressive. But it appears that few look to God and make right use of this sore beating. Now, for the purpose of better use of this providence, give me liberty to propose these few counsels to all who are affected. [Those who prosper now should still continue reading; you or someone near you will likely need Ashwood’s exhortations someday. Ed.]

1188This does not just mean businessmen and businesswomen but anyone working for a living, employees, contractors, gig workers, and whatnot.

1189This is true as of this writing! The economic disruptions caused by the COVID-19 virus are worldwide. In the USA, senseless riots have destroyed many businesses and jobs.

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