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The Nightmare

There is an all-too-common condition that has eluded the best efforts of medical science to find a cure. Billions of tax dollars have been spent by university and medical researchers in vain. Those suffering from the advanced stages of this condition are condemned to suffer the most excruciating pain day after day for many years. Past a certain point, there is no treatment, no cure, and not even any way to alleviate the incredible torment. This condition kills more victims than AIDS, cancer, heart disease, stroke, and auto accidents combined.

The truly sad thing is that this condition is treatable if detected early and the patient is willing to make some lifestyle changes. Even sadder is that the lifestyle changes will usually make a person’s life happier—not always, but usually. More tragic yet is the fact that the method of preventing this condition is well documented and proven. The prevention methods have been published many times over the years. Why then do so many people allow themselves to be trapped by such horror?

One reason may be that many people are so consumed by their present lifestyle that they refuse to consider any lifestyle alternative with an open mind. What about you? Another reason may be personal pride, an unwillingness to admit that they have been wrong all along. But consider—what pride is there in the sickbed or grave? Yet another reason may be that those who publish the prevention techniques are generally outside of the medical and other “establishments,” and thus not “respectable.” This last problem is hardly new; those who first developed the germ theory of disease were mocked, ridiculed, and even persecuted. Will you consider your situation with an open mind? Or are you content to live for the present, choosing to blindly ignore the great danger that you may face? Please read on with an open mind. You have only a couple of minutes to lose and much to gain.

What is this terrible condition? It is called GUILT. Not guilt feelings, mind you, but an actual legal guilt that deserves the punishment of eternal hellfire. OK, go ahead and laugh. This has just turned out to be another tract by some Bible-thumping fundamentalist, right? But, are you sure that you are right and that I am wrong? If you are right, you have only wasted a couple of minutes reading this. But if you are wrong, the consequences are unspeakably awful. Have you ever burned yourself? Think of that pain all over your entire body day after day, year after year, for all eternity. This is not the pain of having burned yourself and then quickly yanking your finger away. This is the pain of being trapped in a raging fire. There is NO ESCAPE. If you are wrong, the consequences of being wrong are so horrible that you owe it to yourself to carefully consider this tract with an open mind.

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