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Appendix B: Editorial Philosophy

As related in the Introduction, accurate translation of the meaning of the original text is a vital and important goal. Nonetheless, however accurate the translation may be, if it is not accessible to the reader all is lost. Thus, readability is a paramount and overriding consideration. For this purpose, the following changes have been silently made during translation; only when the editor has added clarifying or interpretive text is an addition in square brackets:

The editor welcomes constructive feedback and corrections at the email address given below. (The address is a graphic to foil harvesting by spammers.)

1696Chicago University Press, The Chicago Manual of Style, 17th ed. (Chicago: The University of Chicago Press), 2017.

1697This work is published widely in both paper and electronic form. This book uses the version supplied by the Crosswire Project ( For software with which to access it and to obtain the latest versions, start with

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