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Symptoms of the Decay of the Heavenly Trade

{Since the Heavenly Trade Is the Best Tradeā€¦

Cause for Lamentation, Repentance, and Labor

Symptoms of the Decay of the Heavenly Trade}

First, that this heavenly trade is in decline and decay is so obvious that only a stranger, and one who is unconcerned about Christianity at that, will not plainly see that Christianity and the power of godliness are dying and languishing in most places and people.266

Now to better prove this sad truth, I will use a plain and familiar method by keeping to the metaphor of trading and the usual symptoms of decayed commerce. Six things usually show that there is an economic downturn; all of these conclusively show that times are bad for piety and that Christianity is in decline.

266Unfortunately, there are many in America who not only recognize this, but rejoice at it.

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