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Eating Slow as Molasses can help you become Thinner.

Medical research has shown that people, who follow a sensible diet and exercise plan, lose more weight if they eat slowly. Molasses Thinner is a simple web-based program that runs on any almost computer or mobile device with any modern browser (except IE 8.x and below).

At an interval you set, Molasses Thinner will beep and/or flash the screen. You can set the pitch and volume of the beeps. At the end of a meal time you set, the beeps/flashes will stop. At each beep/flash, you take a bite of food. At the end, you should feel more full than if you had eaten at your normal pace. Simply note how much food remains and adjust your next portions accordingly.

One bite every five seconds is a recommended eating pace.

How To Use

Click the Molasses Thinner link below and bookmark the page. Set your desired Beep Interval in seconds and your desired Meal Length in minutes. Then set your desired beep pitch and volume. Or you can choose a low pitched or high pitched buzz. Both beeps and buzzes come through the speaker, headphones or Bluetooth according to however your device is set. For some mobile devices, you can also choose to activate the vibrator. If your browser does not allow this feature, the vibrate option will be grayed out. You can also make the screen flash instead of, or in addition to, making a beep, etc. To do this, enter a number other than zero in the Flash On Beep box according to the percentage of the screen you want to flash brightly. You can, for example, flash the whole screen if you are watching it out of the corner of your eye, or just a small part if you are able to see it directly. Each time you change the beep/flash characteristics, you will hear/see the results of your choices. All numbers may include a decimal fraction if you like (e.g., 7.5 for Volume). Molasses Thinner saves your settings each time you make changes.

When you are ready to eat, just use the bookmark to open the Molasses Thinner page and click Start. You can use Stop to quit at any time. Note: You may need to disable or change sleep settings on your mobile device or periodically do something to keep it awake.

NOTES: Depending upon your device, some pitches of buzzes or beeps may not work well; this is a function of your device's internal audio circuitry, speaker, etc. Vibration is caused by a motor; thus it is either on or off and is unaffected by the Volume setting. Even if your browser supports vibrate control, your device may not support web browser vibrate control, in which case it will not work and there will be no error message.

Molasses Thinner - Be sure to bookmark it!

A Word from Dr. Stephen R. Ash, M.D. F.A.C.P.

Weight gain is a direct cause of the recent rising incidence of metabolic syndrome, diabetes mellitus, hypertension and kidney disease. Slowing the rate of eating has been shown in numerous studies to diminish caloric intake in the majority of obese patients because it gives time for the natural mechanism of satiety to limit total caloric intake.

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