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Please Note!

Terms such as "Modern English" can be misleading. Strictly speaking, Elizabethan English is considered Modern English (as opposed to, e.g., Chaucer). There are also differing degrees of translation; in some cases, only spelling is modernized, while in other cases, all aspects of spelling, grammar, usage, and style are modernized.

So here are the criteria for inclusion in this list:
  1. The date of the original writing should be prior to about 1850.
  2. The date of the translation should be twentieth century or later.
  3. The dates can only be very approximate since literary style will be influenced by:
  4. Translations or editions containing words such "thee," "thou," "hath," or verbs ending with "_eth" or "_th" are not considered contemporary English and are not eligible for inclusion. Exception: Quotations from the King James Bible.
  5. Spellings of words must be twentieth-century or later American or British English
  6. Due to limited information on most seller's web sites, submissions will only be accepted from those who have actually read the translation in question and found it to be of at least decent quality.

Submission form: Please submit as much information as you know.

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