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Simple Proof of 144 Hour Creation — Why Long Days Wear No Clothes

by Tom Sullivan, Edition of August 20, 2020

There are already many good books and videos available that defend the scriptural teaching that God created the universe in six twenty-four-hour days. So why this one?

  1. This book tells you why you should care and why the issue is important, something often overlooked.

  2. It does not try to teach you science; many books are geared to those interested in science and leave many readers in the dark. (But those interested in science should profit from this book also.) There will be some science, but everything will be explained using simple, everyday things in your life. God did not write His precious Word for rocket scientists only, but for all of us.

  3. This book leaves the deep theology and complex arguments to more qualified expositors, and will help you see for yourself why six-day creationism is what God teaches in His Word.

  4. It explains the heresy of various Framework Hypotheses, which kowtow to Darwinism and Big-Bang cosmogony, and infect the evangelical church deeply and broadly. This book shows why they are false and will guide you through the first two chapters of Genesis so you can see this for yourself using sanctified common sense. Of course, Darwinism and Big-Bang cosmogony get hammered thoroughly as well, an easier and quicker job than you might think.

  5. Those who believe in long days or other versions of creation-by-chance will find their views challenged from God’s Word.



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The Parable of The Sower

The Gracious Gifts of Exposure, Hearing, Understanding and Faith and The Paths To Eternal Life or Eternal Death

by Tom Sullivan

A large chart with Bible verse references linked to This chart uses the Parable of the Sower as found in the Gospels as a basis to show all of the various paths people take through life. There are many paths to Hell, but just one to Heaven.


Jesus Christ: Rock of Human Rights and Freedom

by Jeremiah Bezalel

A fairly comprehensive treatment of the topic of human rights from a Biblical perspective. The author is not aware of any similar attempt from a conservative, Reformed perspective.


                                                                                                Tom Sullivan



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