Table of Contents

Simple Proof of 144 Hour Creation — Why Long Days Wear No Clothes
Revision History
Why It Matters
Trust in God’s Word
Trust in God’s Witness in His Creation
We Glorify God When We Acknowledge His Creation
There Is a War Against the Supernatural
The Witness of God’s Creation Is a Safety Net
God’s Creation Is a Witness to Unbelievers
Approaching Scripture Scripturally
God Gave the Bible to All of Us
The Devil Wants to Take the Bible Away from Us in Whole or Part, and Is Sneaky about It
Let Us Dive into Genesis 1 and 2
Three Initial Questions
The First Sentence: Title, Summary, or Part of the Narrative?
What is Meant by Beginning​?
Did God Create the Universe Out of Nothing? Or Something?
God Alone Created the Universe
The Scriptural Lesson from the Structure of the Six Days
God’s Work of Creation
Day One
A Question about Our Questions
Day Two
Day Three
Day Four
Day Five
Day Six
A Day of Rest
Transitioning from Global to Local
The Garden in Eden and Adam and Eve
Our Lord Jesus Christ Instructs Us about How God Created the Universe
The Core Issue: Sight or Faith
An Awful Lot of Science Is Not Wearing Any Clothes
Scientists Are Human and Sinners Like All of Us
The Persecution of Galileo Has Made Christians Overly Cautious
We Do Not Have to Believe in Big Bang or Evolution Theories
It is Not Possible to Use the Laws of Nature to Extrapolate Back to Creation
Occam’s Razor Cuts the Throats of Evolution and the Big Bang
A Quick Dumpster Dive
Chance Changes Rarely Make Things Better
Big-Bang Cosmogony and Darwinism Are Losing Favor
A Warning to the Stubborn
Some Practical Applications
Appendix A: The Emperor’s New Clothes
Appendix B: The Open Manhole
The Nightmare
The Cure Explained
Will You Take the Cure and Inherit Eternal Life?
Appendix C: Places Where bawraw Appears in Scripture:
Places Where a Basic Form of the Verb Is Used
References to Creation in General
Reference to Creation of New Heavens and New Earth
References to Creation of Humans, Either Generally or Individually
References to Creation of Miracles, Actual or Figurative, Present or Prophesied
References to Spiritual Activities That Only God Can Do
References to Providence
Places Where Other than Kal or Niphal66 Forms of the Verb Are Used
Appendix D: Two Technical Whodunits
Appendix E: Creation in Six Days and the Sabbath
Scripture Index
General Index