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You may be surprised that this web site is mostly in simple black and white format without any of the fancy features of most modern web sites. The author wishes to emphasize the serious and stark nature of the life or death decisions that are the topic of this web site.

For Information or Help on Abortion


Your Eternal Destiny is at Stake - If you were to die tonight, are you going to Heaven or Hell?



Don’t Know / Not Sure / I don't believe in either


Classic Christian Literature in Contemporary English

The author is translating classic works into contemporary American English.

Now Available On This Site:

Westminster Shorter Catechism - Easy Explanation, by John Wallis

Westminster Shorter Catechism

Westminster Confession of Faith of 1647

Westminster Larger Catechism

Vindiciae Pietatis [A Vindication of Piety] or A Vindication of Godliness

Bartholomew Ashwood, The Heavenly Trade, or the Best Merchandising: The Only to Live Well in Impoverishing Times ...


In Progress:

Anthony Burgess, Spiritual Refining, Part 2, or a Treatise of Sin with its Causes, Differences, Mitigations, and Aggravations, Particularly of the Desperate Deceitfulness of Man’s Heart ...


Contemporary Christian Literature Hosted on This Site

These are works by various authors whose work needed a home on the web. The views expressed in these works do not necessarily reflect the doctrine and opinions of the author of BeForgiven.INFO. Authors wishing to have their work hosted here should contact the author.


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